Marc Manley

Imam & Religious Director

Middle Ground
Islam & Evolution: Did Life Find A Way?
Race & Secularism in America
On Liberalism — Modern Age Winter 2020
Reading List 2020
Black Lives Matter & Systemic Racism
Upland, CA

Marc Manley I currently serve as the imam and religious director at Middle Ground. I started my path towards being an imam back in Detroit where I started my Islamic studies under the tutelage of Dr. Ali Sulaiman Ali. I subsequently spent a number of years studying the Warsh recitation of the Qur'an from a hafidh from Algeria.

Years later I found myself in Philadelphia, America's premier city for indigenous Islam, where, under the support of such teachers as Shaykh Anwar Muhaimin at Quba Masjid and Adnan Zulficar, I took the position of Muslim Chaplain at the University of Pennsylvania. From here I also developed the first Muslim chaplaincy program at Drexel University. Not long after, the Islamic Center of Inland Empire called, offering the position of Imam and Director. I left ICIE in 2015 to open Middle Ground. You can read more about what Middle Ground is there but to say the least, it's been a life-changing experiece that's still unfoldilng.

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